Selangor Open 2006: Training Results

There is nothing much to report on my training results because there was no plans, and there was no training :) specifically for the Royal Selangor 2006.

I only had the WCN bullet sessions as preparations.

My last game against Adrian Choo was pretty much like a WCN bullet game where my opponent only took 8 minutes to finish the game. Similiar to WCN too he fell into a cheap tactic that won me a pawn in a King’s Gambit like position. I didn’t play fast however and took about 40 minutes in total on my clock.

Here’s a summary of my rounds:

Round 1: Masrin Erowan
Color : Black
Opening: Scandinavian
Result : Draw
My first round and they throw me a strong FIDE rated player! I chose the Scandinavian because I hadn’t prepared against Masrin’s Qe2 variation vs my French Defence. (1.e4 e6 2. Qe2). Turns out to be a success as I ended up exchanging a piece for 3 pawns. In the endgame my three extra pawns even gave me some winning chances at one point. Masrin missed a win and it was a draw.

Round 2: Woo Beng Keong
Color : White
Opening: King Indian Attack
Result : Draw
Another strong veteran who was the 1st Selangor Open champ. Spent the whole night in preparation after the pairing came out that night. Used my own “MalaysianBase” CD that I was selling. Noticed that Woo Beng Keong was not confortable Reti type openings. He lost twice to Fadli in the same opening. So that was the positions that I aimed for. Started with 1.Nf3 but didn’t get into a Reti position. Woo played his pawns to create a big centre with c5, d5, e6. However, his piece development was a little neglected. I developed fast and soon had threats in the centre. Woo’s King could not castle and ended up on a shaky square at f7 with my rooks all pointing to the centre of the board. Got some winning position in the middle game but could not convert. Ended in another draw. This game took a lot out of me as I had little sleep the night before.

Round 3: Jax Tham
Color : Black
Result : Lost
Opening: Scandinavian with Qd6
Yet another strong veteran! Lost terribly using the Portuguese Scandinavian the last time I played Jax, so I switched to the Qd6 Scandinavian instead and the opening was somewhat a success. Only thing was I did not know how to continue in the middlegame and was outplayed by Jax after some tactics left me 2 pawn short. At least I played till the endgame where I could have fought harder for the draw but didn’t. My first loss.

Round 4: Hasidin
Color : White
Opening: Sicilian Grand Prix
Result : Win
Finally an opening I am familiar with. I underestimated my opponent as I have beaten him a few times before. The last time we met I lost the exchange but still ended up holding a draw because he was weaker than me in the endgame. Had an attack in the opening against Hasidin’s King but after major piece exchanges, there was no more attack.
I ended up having a worse endgame where my pieces were less active than Hasidin’s. Luckily I managed to equalise after some uncomfortable moves to bring out my inactive Knight. Forced more exchange in material and the game was heading for a draw. However, Hasidin made a horrible blunder and lost a whole rook in a skewer. My second win.

Round 5: Loo Xin Hao
Color : Black
Opening: Dutch Stonewall
Result : Loss
The first time I play the dutch stonewall and it was a successful opening. Locked up the Queenside and had a good chance for a Kingside attack. However I botched it up by choosing to open the centre too. So a loss.

Round 6: Mohd Amin Mohd Noor
Color : Black
Opening: Scandinavian
Result : Win
No mood to play the solid French anymore. Just played the gambit variation of the Scandinavian and sac a pawn for development. This worked for me many times in bullet games but of course it shouldn’t work here in a long time control. But since I’m already playing at the bottom boards it didn’t matter. My opponent took the pawn but played passively and made even more pawn moves. My advantage in development netted me a couple of pawns extra and later the game.

Round 7: Yeap Khuan Yee
Color : White
Opening: Caro-Kann
Result : Lost
Didn’t know what to play against the Caro so just played normal moves and developed pieces. Actually I had prepared something for the Caro but forgot the lines. Had an advantage in the middlegame with my 2 rooks controlling the d-file while Yeap’s rook were still on their a and h file. Couldn’t find a way to attack her position and blundered away a pawn. Lost the ending after missing another win.

Round 8: Bye (half point)
My parents are here in KL so I went to meet them.

Round 9: Adrian Choo
Color : Black
Opening: Vienna
Result : Win
Like a mention before this was a joke of a game as my opponent was playing blitz while I was seriously taking my time for each move after the opening. Won without much trouble but it was the most unsatisfying win.

The Bad

  • The games showed that my openings were still weak.
  • I had no idea what to do in the middlegame once I got a favourable position. Games vs Masrin, Woo, Loo and Yeap.
  • Cannot come out with a proper plan transitioning from opening to middlegame. More time on Pocket Middlegame exercises needed
  • The Good

  • Better at tactics thanks to Pocket CT-Art exercises. Spotted some nice tactics vs Jax but not enough to save a draw.
  • Pre-game preparation studying past games against Woo Beng Keong was a success.
  • Achieved my targeted 50% score and improved on my last year’s position where I finished in 60+ position. This year I finished in 38th position.

    However, I’m not happy at all with the quality of my games. Have to work on all of the above weaknesses this coming weeks…

    Next big tournament : Stonemaster Open in June!

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