Elearning+Web 2.0 = Elearning 2.0

I’ve always been interested in E-learning. This domain - www.maribelajar.com which this blog sits on top of was an e-learning experiment. Here’s how the site looked in 2000.


At that time, my idea of e-learning was presentation of learning material thru webcontent such as webpages, embedded audio/speech lectures, and some simple form of quizzing to test the learner’s understanding. This way of teaching is primarily one way - similiar to a real classroom as the material is presented by the teacher/trainer and absorbed by the learner.

Today however, the web is totally transformed with the social media and other Web 2,0 technologies.

Look at friendster, myspace and Yahoo groups. With blogs, websites are no longer a one way communication tool. Besides the feedback/comment mechanism, RSS and pinging technology makes the blogging platform for communicating ideas and information.

For me, the 2 technology that impresses me the most is podcasting and blogging. Podcasting is sort of like web radio but the broadcast is not live but recorded. You download the audio in the form of MP3s. I listen to podcast on a daily basis. My favourite topics are of course tech so I listen to CNet news, This Week in Tech, Diggnation, Security Now etc. I also listen to ChinesePod to pick up some Mandarin. I mostly listen to it while working or commuting to work. Podcasting has kept me very up to date to tech news so much so that I’ve stopped reading tech columns from The Star and the NST newspapers. I also wished I had podcast like Security Now when I was studying for my degree. There’s so much relavant materials to be learnt in an easily absorbed media (audio).

Educators began to notice something different happening when they began to use tools like wikis and blogs in the classroom a couple of years ago. All of a sudden, instead of discussing pre-assigned topics with their classmates, students found themselves discussing a wide range of topics with peers worldwide. Imagine the astonishment, for example, when, after writing a review of a circus she had viewed, a Grade 5 student received a response from one of the performers [16]. In a very short time, blogs were used for a wide variety of purposes in education; an educational bloggers’ network formed and by this year thousands of teachers were encouraging their students to blog.

~ Elearnmag

I certainly like to see this new “Elearning 2.0″ used for teaching chess on the web.

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Wikipedia - Elearning 2.0
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waaa..the website still looks cool and got flash some more… maybe you should continue your e learning, programmers out there might need it…

Lots of work preparing courseware. Where got time now with full time job… maybe next year can quit if online money is more than salary .. than can continue doing the e-learning project without worry got income or not.

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